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    vaad Guest

    Filesize and Fat32

    Hey all,

    Ok i have just this second ordered my PS3BREAK. But before i go order a external HDD i have a question.

    I know the PS3 only reads FAT32. But how would one go about putting on a extreamly large file onto FAT32 as that has a limit of about 4gb. I just cant see how i can install ANY ps3 Game to a FAT32 Drive. As the game file types i have seen range from 8gb / 50gb.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    The game is not one File !

    FAT32 don't allow that one file is larger than 4 GB.

    They are split of course.

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    EiKii Guest
    for the moment not every game is supported, but you can install to your internal hdd to via FTP. maybe in the future it will read some external with some other than FAT but right now for the moment it isnt supported, high propability it will be supported in time imo.

    well about from 8 to 50gb, its not image files jailbreak use, its "game folders" i.e unpacked games, no support for iso yet, but it might show up soon enough.and some games have 1 or more files thats over 4gb thu FAT cant handle it, some games doesent have that big single file(s) and it can be used on external,

    hope that cleared something up

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    vaad Guest
    Cheers many thanks,

    Can be marked answered now

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