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    NTA Guest

    The file is too large to be transferred help?

    Not sure if I've ever sent a file over 4gb to my ipod but it looks like I can't do it with my hdd because it's fat32 -_-

    Problem would be solved with ntfs it seems but I don't think I've been able to install pkgs with anything other than fat32.

    Could anyone shed some light on this if possible?

    So many questions today

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    racer0018 Guest
    With that format it is send some things but it splits them up. Not sure about the iPod. What file are you trying to send. Thanks

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    NTA Guest
    Got a few psn pkgs of infamous, splitsecond, and prototype, all over 6gb lol.

    In the mean time I'll keep searching around

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    You can only split and re-merge *.PKG files which contains only files <4 GB, like inFAMOUS. Use ASToolPS3 V2.3 or similar to do it.

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    NTA Guest
    Thanks I'll give that a try Lol I'm terrible at this stuff. I'm looking for something that splits the pkg but I'm not sure I understand it

    Would I be using the extract pkg files function? I think I might understand now

    I guess I didn't understand. I don't see how to split or decrypt pkgs with the tool but I decided to try this decrypter and extractor and it froze halfway through lmao. Hopefully that has nothing to do Mathieulh's name being in the title >_>

    The splitters I keep coming across are don't seem to be for pkgs

    LOL it lets me extract pkgs just fine but there's nothing in the folder once it's decrypter

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    You could FTP the .PKG file to your PS3 internal HDD and install it from there.

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    NTA Guest
    I just had a thought about that and decided to try it

    Sounds like the best thing I can do lol

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    TheDevil Guest

    The file is too large to be transferred help? (continued)

    This isnt a question, but a answer to the "file too large" thread so you can merge this in.

    Multiman games mananger is really a great tool in so many ways and now it supports ntfs as well so you can use it to copy and install anything.

    Also if you only have a Fat32 usb stick you can still do it the "old way" aka you use the Split4G program to convert your large file to a new folder with spit files.

    The trick is to copy the files as you would a ps3 game. Multiman sadly dont recognise a empty folder as a game, so you will need to copy the split files inside a real games folder (a real one or a small emulator one is all up to you).

    You then put your split file folder onto you fat32 usb stick in a GAMES folder aka:

    Once all hooked up Multiman will see the "external only game" and you can choose "COPY" in the "games" options to copy and automerge the whole thing to the to internal hdd (aka most likely dev_hdd0/GAMES/TESTGAME/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/TooBig.pkg)

    To install the Pkg go into Multiman's filemanager and select the file and choose "yes" to "exit and install from the install Package Files". Once back out go to the "Install Package Files" and the "TooBig" file will be there to install

    Once all done you can clean up by deleting the "game" from multiman games menu.

    A bit of a roundabout way i know but i've done this a few times with Multiman 02.09.0x.

    More about Multiman & Split4G here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...an-114315.html

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Yeah it is similar to my guide, but this expands on it for people who want to split and join .PKG files on the PS3. This can also be used with any 4GB+ file. So +Rep for the guide (or answer to the other thread) TheDevil.

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