So, I just got this game today, backed it up to my HDD with backup manager 1.1 and upon running it, it tells me to update to 3.50, same as the original copy.

I downloaded the patch for the game (v1.1) and used demo manager 1.0 to make update files for it (so I could copy it to the PS3 later).

Next I connect it to my PC using blackb0x through my modem. On my PC, I used FileZilla to view the files then I copied the PARAM.SFO files to my computer. I used SFO Editor to change them to 3.41 then I wrote over the original ones with the altered ones.

Lastly I copied the update files over, rebooted my PS3 without the dongle. Upon restart I updated Fight Night (but the icon was strange and the name of the update had a link in it). I confirmed the update by checking my game data utility and the Fight was there.

I attempted to run the game from the disc and it tells me to update to 3.50. I then rebooted with the dongle again and into the Fight with backup manager but it froze at the xmb shortly after I selected the Fight. This continually happens so I must have done something wrong.

Also this happens to Assassins creed brotherhood which is the ATAX copy. The exact same problem.