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Thread: The Fight BCES00874 Black Screen help?

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    cackalack Guest

    The Fight BCES00874 Black Screen help?

    I've copied this game to my internal hard drive and when I launch game it loads the playstation move screen then just goes black and requires console reset, has anybody got this game running, or know where I can get debug update.

    the game requires 3.41 according to sfo, so that doesn't seem to be problem. I'm running PS3 at 3.41 using ps3break v1.2 (fw 1.7 mhex), Open Manager 2.01

    any info much appreciated.

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    barbnjason Guest

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    cackalack Guest
    spot on my friend, thanks for showing me where to find update.. it's working now thanks very much, seems strange that it didn't need any editing after installing update, I checked sfo was still 3.41, so left as was crossed fingers and loaded game and it came on now alls to do is knock someone out

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