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    [UnAnswered] Fifa 13 DLC download problem help?

    Hello guys i have run into some troubles.My ps3 is on Cfw 3.55 going on PSN through Sen enabler and i really wanted to play Fifa 13 online. I bought a code from ebay and redeem it, however when i redeem it it tells me Activating please wait then it tells me An error occurred during install of your operation (80029780)

    Very stupid as i read tons of articles usually this error is when you share youre acc to more than 5 ps consoles (but i dont know that many people with ps3's so its only me using this account) and some Cfw 3.55 users get this error. And also when i deactivate my system and i cannot activate it back again (80029780) i had to make a new account so i can activate it back again.

    So guys please help me out with this. I would think my account is just messed up if i create a new account and buy again this online dlc could i get this error code again? As i heard some cfw 3.55 users are playing online.

    I think its from the old 3.55 firmware As i read if i go to rogero cfw 4.30 would this fix my problem ? Someone says it is still bugged CFW 4.30 due to error that it detects the firmware had demo/kiosk feature on it. I'm open to any suggestions.
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