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    Colnechris Guest

    Fifa 11 load problem help?

    I have a back up of fifa 11 and until recently it was working perfectly but now I am unable to load any save games ( manager mode, tournaments etc )

    Anyone know why this is, like I say it worked before but now it just hangs, music still plays and the little hour glass continues to spin asif its loading.

    Cant figure out why its doing this at all.

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    modmate Guest

    Seems that you have changed even the payload or the BM in the last days. Make sure you got the lates Hermes 4B and BM.

    Also make sure to got a disc in drive. (That was the fix for me some weeks ago) If it stuck if you enter any mode you have to put the disc into the drive. Also start the game from xmb Disc Symbol.

    Greets MOdmate

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    Colnechris Guest
    Thanks, will give it a go after the missus has watched the bullshafting xfactor

    worked brilliantly thanks

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