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Thread: Fifa 11 help?

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    yaas Guest

    Fifa 11 help?

    I am having some very weird problem with this game.

    I am using a Minimus AVR with Hermes V.3 & OM 1.16.

    Game loads fine & I can play Exhibition Mode, but whenever I click on Game Modes, it just keeps loading & I have to Quit the game.

    Anyone got a solution for this?

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    modmate Guest

    For Fifa you`ll need the Disc in your Drive and start with disc symbol from XMB. Got that problem also with carrer mode etc. Hopefully the next payload will fix it.

    Greets Modmate

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    yaas Guest
    Do you mean the actual Fifa 11 Disc or just any disc?

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    modmate Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by yaas View Post
    Do you mean the actual Fifa 11 Disc or just any disc?
    Like before with original BM. Any original game disc. Then choose Fifa 11 in Open Backup manager and start your game with the disc icon from xmb.


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