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Thread: Fifa 08 settings help

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    thefaint287 Guest

    Smile Fifa 08 settings help

    Does anyone know how to change the settings in FIFA 08 for PS3 so that when you're on defense you can switch to whatever player you choose? I've tried everything, and I still can't manually switch my player. The CPU automatically selects a player, it seems, based on proximity and direction of the ball. It always messes me up because I'll be going in for a slide tackle (or whatever) and then all of the sudden my player will switch. Please Help!

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    Happiness Guest
    L1 manually switches players on defense.

    However I don't see why you're having the problem of the game auto-switching away from the player you're wanting to use for a tackle (even a slide tackle)?

    As you point out, the game highlights your player in closest proximity to the opposition player with the ball. Wouldn't that be the player you'd be using for a slide tackle?

    However, if for some reason you wish to switch to a player that isn't in closest proximity to the opponent with the ball, then simply click on L1.

    I know this is a late post, but hopefully it will be of assistance to someone.

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