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    FFLASH 3.41 Problem help?

    I'm trying to install rebug. I'm trying to install at this minute fflash_dev app or even alejandro. But when i run fflash it says critical error When i run alejandro it says Critical Error, Only for 3.41. But IM ON 3.41 and in jb mode. I'm using psfreedom With my Motorola Droid Phone!

    I tried the usuall payload i use, spoofing, it said same thing then i downloaded the default payload 3.41 and it said samething

    I go into system settings and it sure enough says 3.41. I'm in jailbreak mode!! I need help i'm lost. What's wrong?

    Is it the payload im using or the ps3 it self? Im on 3.41 and jb. Please help!!

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    it has to be a no spoof payload with peek & poke support, try the one's that rebug supply.

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