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Thread: Few questions regarding psn account and files

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    jolin4eva Guest

    Few questions regarding psn account and files

    Will lg5tool bypass affect my psn account in anyway?

    As I have not hack my ps3 and still in 3.41 would bypassing declare that I am not in 3.42 and I am a potential jb user to sony? I have read that people have started deactivating accounts, what does this do?

    Lastly if I backup my ps3 3.41 and restore the backup to a new ps3 will I still be able to use my copyrighted save files and psn games linked to my psn account on the new ps3?


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    CODGlitcha Guest
    1) i am sure the bypass doesn't do anything your account.
    2) deactivating will help only if you choose to
    3) yes you should you some people have updated to 3.42 who have jailbreak and the manager.pkg is still installed and still usable

    +rep if you liked

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