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    [UnAnswered] A few questions to all PS3 importers living in PAL territories

    So you bought a ntsc (USA or JAP) PS3 before the European version's launch day? I have a few questions for you:

    1) can you play multiplayer games online? How? Do you have to connect to USA or JAP servers, indifferently?

    2) if the answer to the previous question is affermative, are there some issues (e.g.: too lag time)

    3) can you access playstation store and download or buy stuff?

    4) do you think it will be possible to log in into euro servers (when they will be available) with an import ps3?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Thanks for your reply. So, you can access game servers of your PS3's own region, am I right? You can, for instance, log into an US game server if you have a jap PS3, right? If this is true, then it means that you'll never be able to use european servers (when they'll be available) to play if you own an import PS3. Anybody?

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