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Thread: A few questions about ps3key?

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    A few questions about ps3key?


    I have PS3 PAL 40GB Version with 3.50FW. I want to break my PS3 to play backup games. I saw that there is a lot of hacks and I don't know which one I need to choose. I heard about deal of hack from store near my house: ps3key with downgrade to 3.41fw for only 55 dollar. In addition they offer Western Digital WDME5000TE 500GB with 10 games for your choice.

    so here is the question:

    1) ps3key is good hacking?
    2) what's the differences between JailBreak and PS3Key?
    3) Which games compatible with ps3key?


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    You can't JailBreak a 3.50 FW PS3 yet, but it's being worked on so keep an eye on the news.

    That said, some other brief answers:

    1) PS3 Key is OK, but this isn't the place for people to ask for others reviews on chips. For people's feedback see HERE and HERE.

    2) JailBreak is just what hacking a PS3 is referred to while PS3Key is one of many devices that can be used to jailbreak the PS3. A list of common terms is HERE and PS3 JailBreaking newbie guides are HERE.

    3) Game compatibility is the same for most JailBreaking devices including PS3Key, for more information on which games work and don't see HERE.

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