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Thread: Few Jailbreak Questions help?

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    zzzz0r Guest

    Question Few Jailbreak Questions help?

    I have some questions that could not be answered as i was browsing the forums:

    1. If I jailbreak my PS3 with a usb development board and then back up a game using the backup manager and after that start playing, is it possible to save progress and then resume it when i reboot the console? I am asking this because in a video that i watched one guy says that you must delete the game data before loading the game.

    2. Every time I reboot my console do I need to use my usb stick to install back up manager again? Is it possible to download backups of PS3 games online through PC and load them to external hd and then use them on PS3?

    3. If I permanently flash a cfw like acid to the memory is there a coming back from this? Will I be able to load official fw if i change my mind? Also is it possible for new games that require official fw versions higher than 3.41 (like grand turismo) to play on a cfw at version 3.41.

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    ps3 fan Guest
    yes you can come back to the place you left it, don't know what the "video guy" is talking about.

    once you install it, it is done, yes you can download games from the net and put on hdd. yes there is, recovery menu, yes you can play games that require higher than 3.41fw. you have to modify a file- try a search.

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    Denida Guest
    1: Sounds like he meant you should delete game updates before first loading it off JB backups, perhaps? As there is no problems by loading saved game files in a game with JB'ing.

    2: No BM is installed there untill you delete it. As for putting them on external HDD, that is possible if its FAT32, but compatibility from loading from external HDD varies. You can see a compatibility list at top of the page.

    3: You can just install the fw over the cfw and it will be back to ofw, simple as that. There is already ways to get GT5 to play on JB 3.41 fw

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    zzzz0r Guest
    thank you for the answers guys!

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