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    Faulty PS3 not ejecting discs help?

    Hiya I just bought a ps3 that will not eject discs.

    The only way I can play games is to manually put discs in. Every time I do an emergency eject, I turn the ps3 on and it thinks there is a disc inside and try's to release it. any time after this the disc tray stays closed.

    Is this a faulty disc sensor or could it be something else?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Maybe someone opened the BD drive and didn't put it back together properly.

    There are some good videos showing how to reset the drive mechanism.

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    Cheers, I just completely reset the drive following an in depth video and still the disc eject button does not work.

    I think it's the sensor because when I had it all reset, putting a disc into the ps3 on standby mode should activate the sensor and turn the unit on. This does not happen

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    There is a board inside the drive that has 2 switches on it. If you push down on one of those switches (most inside one i think) then hit eject the slides should move and the laser will lower (eject disk) if this does not happen then that board with the switches is probably bad. You will nee to remove the single screw holding down the roller arm assembly and take it off to get to the switches.

    Be sure to install the arm assembly with the drive in the (no disk) correct position or it will make a horrible noise. If you need pics I can post some or a video when I have a minute.

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    Pics or a video would be very much appreciated. I dont quite understand what you mean but I'm sure a quick guide will help

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    Ok I have uploaded some pictures with explanations on them. I hope it helps.

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    Ok so after pressing on the switch and hitting eject, it does not do anything. If this is indeed a bad board would it also cause the sensor to fail?

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    I don't think they are tied together the sensor just turns on the system if it is off and starts the motor to take the disk in. If you damaged the cable as in my picture then the sensor will not work. Also note that there is another part (mirror I think) under the plate with the roller assembly that reflects the sensor beam. When the beam is interrupted the drive will sense the disk.

    The drive will work with or without the sensor if the system is already on. I would recommend trying to fix the eject problem first.

    I have 4-5 extra drives that I robbed lasers out of if you need parts. Or you can find a new drive on eBay for cheap.

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