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    [UnAnswered] FAT32 external disk help?

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    Hello, i have a small issue with my external hd, i was able to format my external disk to FAT32 and added games on it, the disk size is160gb. I'm using multiMAN, i'm able to see the USB disk but now explored. i can't select the disk.

    nb: i have the same disk structure on another USB external driver 20gb 32fat works fine. what do you suggests guys?

    even if i was able to format my 160gb to 32fat it won't work?

    please need advice.

    Thank you

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    what are you trying to do. make sure the larger drive only has one partition.

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    your question is hard to understand is your 160gb fat32 or NTFS, if it's NTFS the PS3 won't see it, try this to format.
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    Yeah probably your problem is in the FAT32 you use try use this one too ^^ it works with my WD 320GB.

    Happy new year.
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    With multiman i had to edit the options.ini to see my hdd games even though the system recognized the drive. This is what the edited part of the options looked like below. The ps3 sees my external hdd as "dev_usb071" some are different.

    I think i read multiman only scans usb numbers 1-9. I had to add the line hdd_home5=/dev_usb071/GAMEZ so it would see my external usb drive folder with gamez.

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