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Thread: Fat PS3 power trouble help?

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    moja Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by theinfinite View Post
    Damn... but, I checked out this pdf... you've got to be kidding me! Reflowing is all that?! hahaha oh wow, man I got my work cut out for me, hahaha. BTW, this thing was VERY dirty man. I cleaned it out though.
    Lol, consider it an introductory skills-building activity. Can't make it any worse, right?

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    theinfinite Guest
    True that! hahaha

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    TheShroomster Guest
    Its not as bad as you may think youtube the video from gilsky and watch it a couple of times. i figured that what was wrong with it back on page 1 (sometimes you dont even see the yellow flash) i have done this to more systems than i can count so if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask me or any of the other members here.

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    brendanj9554 Guest
    ok, watch youtube videos etc, gilsky is ok, but he is a barbarian. he spreads his thermal compound with his dam fingers!! go figure, air bubbles etc.

    ok, so do a reflow. use no clean liquid flux and heatgun. you should be fine. also i would advise redoing the thermal paste beneath the heatspreader of the gpu. i have reflowed 30+ ps3's out of them i replaced the thermal paste below the gpu on 5 of them.

    results = 25 ylod within 6-12 months

    5 no had a ylod return for up to 2 years (thermal paste dries below heatspreaders also) and for gods sake use the correct method to apply the paste. a pea size blob in the middle of heatspreaders. the heatsink will spread the paste, with no air bubbles!!!

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    theinfinite Guest
    Alright cool. I'll do this reflowing thing but, where can I find the items I need to reflow? How much will all of this run me? Does it matter what brands to buy to reflow? Also, I did switch power supplies and the fan and nothing worked. It still blinked red light. Damn the red light... I'm seeing blood red now cause of this thing but, at the same time it's funny, but, hey, I'm willing to learn the reflowing thing.

    I am going to need the help too so I won't blow up my house and myself with this thing, haha. Also, is this a permanent fix? I mean, will I ever get the same problem ever again?...or any problem for that matter? I'm definitely coming here for the help I need to reflow this thing like The Shroomster said. What reballing? Is that better? Anyone have a guide on that and does anyone here know how to do that?

    That's funny... rubbing thermal paste with your finger... gilsky the barbarian, hahaha. Sorry it's the way he said it.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    You'll probably get the same problem again, I just fixed my YLOD PS3 a month a go and it got the YLOD on me again. Anyways the best "fix" imo is getting a new Slim PS3.

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    brendanj9554 Guest
    reballing means lifting the gpu/cpu from the board itself. requires a calibrated jig and some expensive reflow equipment.

    if you do a reflow its pretty much the same thing (reball needed if gpu is fried)

    just remember to use the no clean flux, ylod is mainly caused by broken solder joints (balls) between the gpu/cpu and the mobo. people who do the reflow without flux will fix the solder joints for a short time, but remember everytime you heat up solder you burn away the flux!

    using new flux will renew solder etc, and ensure a better joint. i am waiting for a ylod ps3 to be delivered from ebay (warranty sticker still in place, always ask the question) i will do a full decent video tut and put on youtube etc. the video will cover the heatspreader removel/refit the reflow with no clean flux and how to correctly apply the paste, and most importantly how much to use, less is more in this case.

    will have it up by weds hopefully, so if you havent reflowed by then it will help you out. Below is a video:

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    theinfinite Guest
    Cool beans. Yeah, I can wait to see how this is done. It seems like there is no permanent fix for this YLOD, Red Blinking Light of Death, etc. I'm just wondering where can I buy all of this stuff and does the brand matter and how much of each of these things do I need? Your video will definitely help. I have 2 fat PS3s and one of them I want to downgrade... I'm just waiting to get the PCB Progskeet adapter with the 50 pin ribbon cause I already have a 360 clip with the 32 pin ribbon.

    I'll just flash one NAND at a time. They say the Progskeet is already programmed so I don't think I'll need anything else for downgrading besides the 3.55 CFW/OFW. My guess either one will work, hopefully. I printed out that reflowing guide and I'm studying it now. I do plan to do this, I just need the right equipment. I feel like buying a reballing/reflowing machine... that thing looks really cool to have to play with

    If I'm successful at all of this stuff, I might open up my own downgrading/reflowing/reballing business... black market style, hahaha That's funny

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    vicx Guest
    please put a video tutorial of applying the thermal paste !! i am right to do it! i bought arctic cooling mx-4 ! didnt had any problems with my 60G fat boy 2007, i want to make a cleaning revision and replace the thermal paste!

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    TheShroomster Guest
    If I had a camera worth a crap I would do a video on how to correctly apply the paste, way too many people use way too much thermal compound. All the compound is meant for is to help fill in inperfections in the heat sink and chip, and to help in heat transfer.

    Too much actually hinders the transfer of heat, the layer should only be about the thickness of a piece of plastic wrap (the cheap thin crap). If i can get my hands on something with enough resolution to do a decent video i'll post one in a few days.

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