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Thread: Fat CECHH01 Dual Boot with Samsung multi use bin help?

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    D1st0rt3dM1nd Guest

    Fat CECHH01 Dual Boot with Samsung multi use bin help?

    Hello all,

    First off I would like to thank jackkiej for helping me in every possible way.

    What I would like to know as I have not gotten a clear answer is, Is it possible to use dual boot with the samsung multi use bin?

    If so is there a tutorial on it or a thread explaining this? I have tried many many times. I can get the CFW drive to work but once I power down and and flip the CFW to OFW the PS3 powers off.

    If I try and update the samsung multi use bin to the dual boot bin I get the error telling me E3 flasher has already been used on another PS3... this is not true.

    Please help... I'm pulling my hair out! Thank you.

    If I get a new non limited flasher would I then be able to flash the dual boot bin? I have the linker soldered in at the moment so it would just be an easy swap. Any suggestions or know an answer to my original post?

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    racer0018 Guest
    You can update the e3 using a computer and hooked to through the USB or you can use the tf card. Have you tried both?

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    D1st0rt3dM1nd Guest
    I have not tried the computer. Is there a particular way to do it? I can update but the issue comes to when I need a backup. It tells me I already used it on another ps3.

    Any other options? Has anyone been able to get the Samsung multi boot bin to work with dual boot?

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