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    Fat 40gb ps3 disc read problem help?

    i just got a used fat ps3 cechg 40gig. when i first got it it seemed to be working 100% correctly. after updating and buying and playing black-ops it started freezing on load screens after maybe a half hour of play time. i am guessing that the laser is bad but is there anything else i can do before i change that i have tried rebuilding the database and a few other things but is there any other suggestions?

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    just stick in a bluray movie, see if it plays through, unlikely the laser, does the system lock up completely? or can you exit to the xmb? possible early signs of a ylod

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    when it does freeze it will sometimes go to the xmb but it will take a long time. i will try the movie later tonight and report tomorrow

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    Also a possible sign of corrupted or bad hard drive. If you see that your PS3 HDD LED light is light steady when you quit a game or during a game hang.

    It happens for me twice before my PS3's HDD failed, it sometimes stuck in certain part of a game, then I noticed that HDD LED on PS3 is steady and it really took some time to make XMB accessible. But it generally hangs for about 30 sec - 1 min before it responds.

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    I was going to suggest the same thing. Try to boot into "Recovery menu" and "Rebuild Databases"

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