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Thread: Fan Test For The ps3 - good or bad

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    moshebe Guest

    Question Fan Test For The ps3 - good or bad

    Hi all,

    As you all know there is a fan test procedure for the ps3... so i searched the net for it and found that some sites indicate that this procedure is bad for your ps3 and other claim that there is no risk for the ps3 and you can only gain from it.

    can anyone here please clarify this issue ?


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    This is more of an opinion thing I believe... mine being: if you don't do it all the time I see no harm in performing a fan test to clean out the dust once and awhile. I have never tried it myself, but based on the videos and feedback I've seen from those who have it helps their consoles run quieter and cooler once performed. Others?

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    moshebe Guest
    Made Man - Thanks for the reply, is there anybody else that disagrees with Made Man and thinks this could damage the ps3 ?

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    asandhu Guest
    I really dont see how it would do harm, unless maybe it stresses the fan and pushes it to higher than usual rpms. But like previously posted, it does help clean out dust from inside the console.

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    Stonecutter Guest
    I tried the job on a friends 40GB PS3 as we were curious to see whether we actually gained anything from it. It ran slightly quiter then before I would have tried it on my PS3 but the 60GB procedure seems a bit to pointless really.

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    I Kick Puppies Guest
    Personally I just take the vacuum cleaner to mine.

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    kakarotoks Guest
    I don't think that it would harm the PS3... logically, if it would do any harm, the 'feature' wouldn't be there in the first place.. It's a fan test, so the fan should be able to handle the speed, etc...

    I didn't try it yet, and I won't try it until I see there's a lot of dust building up, then I'll do it... like anything else, I think you should just avoid over doing it!

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    IanJ Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by I Kick Puppies View Post
    Personally I just take the vacuum cleaner to mine.
    Vacuum cleaners and electronics are not necessarily a good combination. They can create static, which is not a good thing!

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    Zeronimoe Guest
    i cant imagine it coult damge the ps3 in any way, but on the other side there is nothing about listened in the manuals is it?

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    slowquicksilver Guest
    I usually take a can of air (which sell for about $5) to clean out electronics. It works good, no harm done to the video game hardware or PCs.

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