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    Pretikewl Guest

    Is Fan Control Possible via PS3 CFW?

    Background: Recenlty, my MGS4 80gb (upgraded to 500gb) started having graphical issues.

    Games like RE5, Castlevania LoS, MGS4, and some others started having green/red flashes and polygon tearing.

    At first, I thought maybe the thermal compound was wearing out, as it's been a couple years. So I opened it up, replaced Sony's thermal grease (which was dried up) with Arctic Silver 5, then reassembled. The issue still occured.

    Upon (a lot of) further testing, I found the issue was simply overheating. However, the PS3's fan would never kick up to a reasonable level to move out all the excess heat. It felt like an oven on the back side of my PS3. So I did a potentiometer mod and can now manually control the fan speed.

    Turning the fan up only one level above what the PS3 would auto, has fixed my issues. The fan moves out plenty of heat now, and all my graphical issues are gone even after hours of play.

    So long story short, would CFW be able to have an option added to control the fan speed? Or is it all hardware based? Cause my PS3's thermal sensor simply isn't doing the job properly.

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    zeromx Guest
    I'm quite sure that the fan on the ps3 is software controlled and can be possibly controlled with custom app for ps3, in JB mode.

    With the correct mapping of sensors and etc... Can be made.

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    mark29 Guest
    would love this as Im always paranoid about things overheating.

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    Mad Lion Guest
    Sure it is, because fan it's software controlled. Anyway no app that would allow control for PS3 has been made yet.

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    daveshooter Guest
    There is one for the xbmc for the xbox, maybe if you ask nicely deanrr may find time to see if its passable to implement it in his wicked manager.

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