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    Senior Member aamir007's Avatar
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    i am on 3.55 rex since thats what the downgrade puts you back to.

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    after installing rebug 4.25 rex make sure you install toolbox2 as instructed and set the rebug option, so that it spoofs to 4.30 then voila you have psn, and all your rebug features your used too plus a few extras.

    your on 3.55rex but from the downgrader which is not true 3.55rex although its identical, it has the wrong version number, if you install proper 3.55rex pup your version will revert back to 3.55 then you can install the 4.25rebug rex pup

    now that your down to 3.55 from the downgrading pup, id strongly suggest you read the full rebug article, it explains everything, you've come this far it be a shame to do something wrong now.
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    Sorted it out, QA wasn't working on rebug so switched to kmeaw and did it and then updated to rebug 4.21 rex.

    Since i have fake game save owner if achieve trophies will they not sync with my psn account? I synched it last night and my NFS:MW trophies didn't go through.

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    You need to sign your saves back to your user ID. Ftp into your save and change the ID from 00000000 to your user ID, but before you do so, disable Fake Save Data Owner.

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    glad to see you made it safely. hope you find it worth the effort.

    its got to be better than you trying to get fakesavedata working on rogero
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