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Thread: Failed PS3 Downgrade help?

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    zant Guest

    Failed PS3 Downgrade help?

    I have a CECHA01 ps3 that i tried to downgrade. green light blinks forever, i get error 0x8002f14b in hte jaicrb log. using lvl2diag file 2 doesn't work either, system turns on then abruptly turns off. Fix PLEASE!?!

    OK nvm solved, whew that had me worried. Diffrent question: can I downgrade all the way down to firmware 1.0 without soldering anything?

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    niwakun Guest
    You can downgrade way back to 1.0 but you cant. Why? Because there's no PUP file for that.

    QA Downgrade can only do that though, so if you have flash downgraded console or any type of downgrade done through NAND/NOR hacking, it wont work.

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    zant Guest
    how about firmware 1.55? I have the PUP for that.

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