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    iainho00 Guest

    factory mode with lv2diag.self file not working help?

    hi, i'm using ps3break v1.2 on ofw 3.41 tried the newer update v1.71 and it put my ps3 into service/factory mode. i've tried putting the lv2diag.self file on a root of a usb stick but this doesn't work.

    i've tried swapping hard drives still no joy can anyone help?

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    wilpac05 Guest
    Are you trying to downgrade or get out of service mode? if your trying to get out of service mode you need the lv2diag.self (file 2) on the flash drive.

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    iainho00 Guest
    i'm trying to get out of service mode and i've already tried the lv2diag.self (file 2) on a usb stick but it doesen't work.

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    wilpac05 Guest
    did you get the get the downgrader files? what does your ps3 do when you use just that file on stick?

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    iainho00 Guest
    yes the ps3 just powers on as normal.

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    Bulion Guest
    You must first put in USB on the right dongle with Psgrade. Turn off power on back, turn it on, press power and eject quick. When PS3 turns off put pendrive with Lv2diag.self that same place like dongle and turn it on. It should work. If not try to do "downgrade" to 3.41 it work for me.

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    smackedgnome Guest
    format the usb stick (fat32) via yur pc b4 putting the file on i had the same prob n this solved it.

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    wilpac05 Guest
    if it's already in service mode then you don't have to use jb again. make sure it's in the far right port (as you look at front of ps3). also smackedgrome has a good idea... good luck.

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    Dayclone Guest
    So what's going on now? because I had the same problem and solved it.

    Make sure you put it into the closest port to the BD player.

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    iainho00 Guest
    ok it won't let me downgrade or evenupgrade the usb stick does have fat 32 file system and still no joy and i have been using the right usb port.

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