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Thread: F1 2010 Game Freezing help?

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    Mundele Guest

    F1 2010 Game Freezing help?

    Hi. I have the new F1 2010 Game on PS3.

    It plays with no problem in Career Mode up until 7 or 8 races into the season. If I then switch the machine off and come back to it later, the game freezes every time while trying to load, after you've pushed 'start to continue' and 'OK' for the autosave warning, and before the initial game menu.

    I've tryed other games in the PS3 and there's no problem with them, only F1 2010. I then deleted all the saved game data and restarted the game from scratch. That seemed to make it work until, again I reached the 7th race in Career mode, and the game went back to freezing on loading.

    I then backed up all the saved data from the HDD onto an external, formatted the whole system and restored it to factory settings, restored the saved data back onto the HDD and tried... it didn't work, the game still freezes.

    I can't think of anything else to do... please help!!

    Thank you.

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    costocart Guest
    the copy of the game is corrupted. my guess probably it is missing the files required to load the 7th race. depends on the source of the game try re-rip or 're-rip' the game again. what release did you get it from? RiSQ?

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    Mundele Guest
    thanks for the reply. it is an original from a store. i can't re rip it from anywhere. is there anything i can do on the system to fix this problem?

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    costocart Guest
    from what you've described it seems like a problem with the backup. but you can always try using different payloads and different BM. you can also try using different backup of the game by downloading the game from the 'usual places'.

    keep this thread open

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    Mundele Guest
    excuse my ignorance but what are payloads or BM? I already had this problem before I backed up and restored the machine.

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    costocart Guest
    payload aka .hex files: hermes, pl3, psgroove (and all of the clones and variation)

    BM (backup manager): gaia manager, cover manager, open manager, multiman etc.

    again, it sounds like a problem with the backup game and not your ps3

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    Mundele Guest
    i'm not sure how to change the payload or BM. do you need to connect your machine to the net to search online? i can't connect my machine but could i find these things online with my pc then copy them across to the ps3 with a usb?

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    fm2xm Guest
    how are you currently jailbreaking your PS3 ?

    Typically, if you have a programmable Jailbreak device, there are steps to install the .hex files onto that device. To put it in very simple terms, the .HEX files are known as payloads, as stated by costocart in the previous post.

    As for me, for example, I'm using a Teensy V2.0 dev board. I connect the Teensy board using its USB port, and the provided software that allows me to download the .HEX file into it.

    Hope this further clarified your question about how to change the payload. In regards to changing your BM, look for another post where I happen to ask a similar question, there are great replies to that which should give you the direction to go about changing (or using multiple) managers.

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    costocart Guest
    it seems like you are playing the game without jailbreaking your ps3. im so sorry if i have misled this thread. i was assuming you are having problem playing a backup game from a jailbreak ps3. but it turns out you problem is about playing the game from the retail game disc without any jailbreaking involve. in that case i can't help you 'muggles'. i can only help pirates

    sorry again for the confusion.

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