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Thread: eyepet move bundle question?

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    devilinops Guest

    eyepet move bundle question?

    I was wondering if eyepet move bundle is spos to work with firmware 3.41 cuz i was going to buy it but my friend beat me to it and it loads then freezes at the menu screen was just wondering if this myte be a bad disk?

    ps sorry for the bad spelling

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    Drakhen Guest
    as long as your system is running 3.41 the jailbreak device should work

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    Warrorar Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Drakhen View Post
    as long as your system is running 3.41 the jailbreak device should work
    could you read the question before posting a answer? he didn't asked for a jailbreak he asked for move support.

    @topic: there are some games who have to be patched that they work with 3.41, but i only know that about heavy rain. but im pretty sure if you use the search function in the forum you will find a thread related to that problem.


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    devilinops Guest
    ok so i did a look it and found now when they say patch mode does that only work with herm versions cuz i have a iphone 3g and i use the original psfreedom cuz every time i use the new herm v3 one for 3g it almost never works.

    so i'd like to try a back up of my friends game using this method and if it works lol kinda mean, but i'll buy the game off him for less and say well guess there's no way to fix it lol.

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    kamenrider Guest
    it also workss on hermes v2 if that helps.

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    devilinops Guest
    ok thanks i'll try the hrems v2 pack hope it works better then 3

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    DeViL303 Guest
    I bought eye pet move edition and the move controller yesterday, it works fine off the original disk on 3.41, I assume you are talking about original disk as you havnt mentioned any jailbreaking or backups.

    Just incase it is a backup Ive just tested a backup of eye pet move edition too and it works perfectly.Im using hermes v3, and openmanager 1.16 . didnt use any patch mode, just booted normally from xmb with another disk in drive

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    devilinops Guest
    ya he bought the bundle like i wanted to but it freezes at the start menu on his console so i don't want to buy it if it wont work so i guess if you say it works then it is just a bad disk

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    DeViL303 Guest
    It definitly works on 3.41 anyway. I would be doubtful of a bad disk being bought new in a shop , Ive bought alot of games and between me and my friends games Ive never heard of brand new bad disk, can you try his disk on someone elses console, are his move controllers working ok for other games? Has he messed with his registry?

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    devilinops Guest
    i haven't tryed it in mine yet i have the fat ps3 he has the slim maby there's a difference i'll try it later today in mine but he isn't a smart person well he is but he would never read a forum he would just call some one ofer and make them do it but there's a bonus lol every time i go over i get free food.

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