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    eddyno1 Guest

    Eyepet help please?

    My kids are crazin my nuts for this ! My setup:

    Minimus avr (unsure which hex to use I'm using psgroove 1.1 , works fine with other games )
    Open manager 1.3 (works ok)
    - what I did
    "got" the game had to drag it via FTP from pc from a networked hdd
    "split" it with the opensplit software
    Put it on a USB hdd
    Copied from USB onto ps3 using open manager (said files joining etc)
    Boot game get press start Which I do the the next screen has music and an eyepet logo and I can't do anymore ?? Help me someone

    Also I did already delete game data and when eyepet launches it "loads eyepet data " before the I press start

    Cheers if someone Susses this for me I'll return the favour.

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    djhazardous Guest
    Instead of using FTP to transfer, try transferring to your external HDD first and then copying the backup to the internal HDD using Open Manager 1.13. Also, are you pressing R2 before launching to load the backup in patched mode? Finally, how come you are splitting the files? Is it neccersary you do this?

    In Open Manager, after high-lighting the backup in the list, are you pressing R2 to activate Patched mode before launching it?

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    eddyno1 Guest
    Cheers for the reply - after holding r2 I get eboot.bin not found error

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    mikerock98 Guest
    your game is not correctly copied (something is changed when using the Hermes patch and Open Backup Manager)......the answer is kinda complicated to me but the solution to your problem can be fixed this way

    Getting Eyepet wasnt as easy but still easy...

    The copy i'm using is EyePet_USA_JB_PS3-MOVE


    -I FTP'ed the Eyepet game to my Internal HD location (Games/LAUN12345/Gamez)
    -Then i copied the game from my Internal HD to my External HD using the OBM 1.13
    -When Complete it says this is a non-bootable game(IGNORE - Obvious you can run split files off the external)
    -Then I deleted the Origanal Copy from my Internal HD
    -I copied the EyePet game back to my internal hD from the External HD using OBM 1.13
    -Then i deleted the game from my external HD
    -I enabled the Hermes Patch by pressing R2
    -Loaded the game
    -EyePet works perfectly... My son has his first pet...its hatched from its shell and hes feeding him now... all move functions work... using a move controller and camera

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    eddyno1 Guest
    Do you still need it to run in patched mode in open manager as none of my games run in patched mode they all return "no eboot.bin" error?

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    mikerock98 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by eddyno1 View Post
    Do you still need it to run in patched mode in open manager as none of my games run in patched mode they all return "no eboot.bin" error?
    As of right now ive only found 5 games that need to be run in patched mode.

    2 which you have to do the redundant copy trick....f1 2010, eyepet

    all other games need to be ran not in patched mode....

    the two games that need the redundant copy trick......need to be copied like stated above and patched and all prior game data deleted and the games will work

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    eddyno1 Guest
    Hi thanks for all your help but I'm having no joy I tried the instal just as you stated but it fails when trying to patch it can't find the eboot.bin - I'm using a minimus avr with a hex called - psgroove_1.1_minimus.hex could this be causing my problems ?

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    mikerock98 Guest
    Which Eyepet are you trying to install

    I used Eyepet US -Move

    And......you followed the exact instructions listed above.....using ftp to copy to internal then using OBM to copy to external and OBM to copy back to internal....

    Please do not leave any steps out.....trust me the process is redundant but the ftp and Original backmanager copy the files one way and the Open BM does it another way.....delete all prior game save or loading data

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    eddyno1 Guest
    Yep followed all 100% the version is -eur jb ps3 MFN-
    It just won't allow the patch , I press r2 it states patch mode in the top corner I then press a and the the error pops up

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    mikerock98 Guest
    i'd download a different version... the version i posted works perfectly and it's a great kids game...

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