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    MKE Guest

    Extremely slow PSN Download speeds.

    I've searched for this problem, and found i'm not the only one, but no fix.

    I'm using a WRT54GS router, i just set up DMZ, disabled UPnP, and on the ps3 media server connect. So far it seems to be going a little quicker- but are there any other options?

    oh yeah, on the ps3, have it set up as:

    When i say slow, i mean it took 1 1/2 hours to download GT:HD, and i'm on 10MbPS cable connection.

    Anyone else offer some advice?

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    Hedi Guest
    Is your ps3 connected in wireless? I found it slows down downloads a lot for me, so if it's the case I suggest trying with a cable.

    I don't believe it's coming from a port issue since your download work, they're just slow. I suggest looking around for anything that hog up bandwith (torrent client on another pc for example).

    I also have a 10mbps line (dsl), and I need roughly 30mn to grab a 1gb demo when my line is clear. So maybe you're far from a server or something, 1 1/2 hour is not an alarmingly low speed.

    I hope you can solve it

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