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Thread: Extracting game content and updates?

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    IHM Guest

    Extracting game content and updates?

    Hi all, having just made a backup of my Killzone 2 Disc, and then transfering it to the PC i had a sniff around, and i noticed that by deleting 8 different language intro avis and the update folder i can shrink the game from 12gb to just under 8gb

    Saving 4gb, am i correct in thinking that no game will attemp to read an update if the system is at the same or highr level fw, and it wond read any files it does not need to ie Spanishintro.avi for example.

    Seems unless you want to collect full game dumps, we could save alot of space this way.

    Just this saving give me room for one or 2 more games.

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    patholi Guest
    Yes, that's already known, but you shouldn't just delete the file... It is better to create blank files (with the filename of the unneeded file)...

    i tested it with several games and most of them will freeze, when they won't find the needed file (i.e. activision-intro), but after creating a blank file with the correct filename, all went fine...

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