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Thread: Extracting and building NOR PS3 help?

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    OverX Guest

    Extracting and building NOR PS3 help?

    Hello people! I'm new forum member, I wonder if there is any tool which can build NOR for ps3?

    I can extract with FlowRebuilder, would like to build!

    My idea and get data as bootloader, eEID, cCSD, cISD and keys trvk, and create another with NOR donor!

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Just use Winskeet and the patcher option. You need you're patches as hex files and a patch.txt where you write down the offset to patch for/and again you're patch file.

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    OverX Guest
    Thank you friend

    Example rename file bootloader_0 for patch, create txt file with the hex address patch;FC0000;FEF4F0 corresponding my archive on my NOR?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Yes something like that. Never have used till today. Just have searched and gave a quick look to help you. If i have time i'll try to write a norpacker with the source of norunpacker. But could need a bit more cause to time im full with other things.

    ps. you can rename your eg. bootloader_0 to patch0/patch1/patch2 and so on

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    OverX Guest
    It would be great! work programming if you need help..

    I had two errors in applying, my file bootloader_0 rename for patch1. initial value offset: FC0000 end value: FEF4E0 in my NOR, create file progskeet_patch.txt


    I have the error of the photo

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