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Thread: Externall HDD Problems?

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    Squall3000 Guest

    Externall HDD Problems?

    Hey everyone, im relativly new to all this, however, have been using the site quite some time.

    Now my question is, I have a USBbreak, and have loaded up manager, n everything fine. Transfered a game onto the internal hdd, and after a bit of trial n error, all was fine. Now i have re-partitioned my 1tb external HDD (Western Digital Elements) and its been recognised. However, tried to transfer infamous to the external hdd (just using basic game manager 1) and took approximatly 3hours to do 3%.

    is this normal? is there a quicker way? im perhaps thinking if there was a way to transfer from internall hdd to external? as it took perhaps 20/30minutes to put onto the internal hdd.

    Thank you

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    Drakhen Guest
    use one of the ftp programs to transfer games back and forth, I have as of yet to see it transfer longer then maybe 15 min

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