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Thread: External HDD support by PS3 help?

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    sczh01 Guest

    External HDD support by PS3 help?

    As we known, the HDD size is so little in the Bd age and the size of 2.5' gb up to 250G or 500G. So whether anyboday beat the HDD system and let us can switch the HDD or add another HDD by the internal storage bus same as the IDE bus in our PC.

    If it's impossible, can we use the USB-HDD to store the Demo, Video, and so on. The Internal HDD only store the Game data.

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    dud0r Guest
    I don't really understand what you are trying to say. But you can replace the internal 2.5" hdd with a 3.5" hdd by using a convertor.

    This way you can get at least 750GB of storage (750GB works, see thread in hdd chat). So why do you want a way to use multiple external hdd's?

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    spainfer Guest
    Would that work, using some external usb cases? That way I'll be able to use some old IDE hard disk I have here... (I have no PS3 yet, I'll have to wait till this summer to try on...)

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    Antaeus Guest
    it doesn't work via USB, it's a panel you plug into the internal HDD bay of the PS3 that lets you connect a drive externally.

    From that external SATA (hence "eSATA") connection, you can either plug in a SATA drive (Be it a 2.5" laptop drive, or a 3.5" desktop drive) or use an IDE to SATA converter to use an older HDD.

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    pacific808 Guest
    You have to remember that even if sony made it possible to store demos and stuff on ecternal drives the load time would be lengthened. USB 2.0 can't transfer as fast as internal drives. USB 3.0 is rumored to be fast enough to keep up with internal drives but the ps3 doesn't have that technology. If you do use external drives to store media I would use it for pictures, music, and videos to save space on the internal drive for demos and game data.

    But yeah you can use an internal 3.5" sata drive on a ps3 but you have to have a extension cable for the sata connection and the power connection. It would allow more dust to enter your system unless you make your own enclosure for the drive and cut a small hole out of the drive bay cover.

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    Gnob Guest
    I use external harddrives all the time on my PS3 but no games or demos can be saved on it. i use it for my movies and music since i can take them with me to friends houses.

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    kombat75 Guest
    Can 750GB Hdd fit into PS3 Set ?

    As far as i know 1TB HDD can't fit into PS3 Set due to the thickness of the harddisk.

    Anyone know about this ?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Yeah there's a few 750GB HDD's that are 9.5mm (The height needed) and will fit. <- That's one

    but most are still too big so don't buy one that doesn't say it's 9.5mm

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    kombat75 Guest
    THanx barrybarryk for reply.. I didn't know that we have to look for 9.5mm height needed as I thought all harddisc are the same for 2.5inch.

    I need to change my Internal PS3 HDD to higher capacity as the 80GB hdd is too small for me. Btw what brand did you recommended for PS3 SeT? I was thinking to get WD or Hitachi but not confirm as I think Samsung aso not bad.

    Btw just to check once I got the new HDD 750GB , I put inside my PS3 SET, must I format to NTFS or FAT32?


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    barrybarryk Guest
    The WD drive I posted above is the drive I use but for the PS3 I don't really think it matters as long as it fits, the PS3 nerfs the drives speed anyway so you don't need to worry about that.

    As for formatting it I wouldn't even bother when you put it into the PS3 it'll be formatted to it's own file system anyway so just back up any stuff you want to keep and swap them over.

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