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Thread: External HDD with games copy to new HDD NTFS format help?

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    wderbi Guest

    External HDD with games copy to new HDD NTFS format help?


    I have a 2TB external USB harddrive with lots of games backed up to the drive. I could play many of the games pretty well of the external using Multiman 2.0.05, but some games have files greater than 4Gb and they will not play unless I copy them to my internal hard-drive. Of course, being a 60 Gb hard drive, you can understand my dilemma of rapidly running out of hard drive space. I just now upgraded to a 500GB internal hard drive as a known answer to this issue, but:

    I was wondering if I was to copy my current 2TB hard drive to a newly purchased 2TB external drive that I plan to format with NTFS, and will this allow me to bypass having to copy the game to the internal Hard drive in order to deal with files greater than 4GB?

    In other words, will this allow me to just run all games off the external USB drive if the esternal drive was already formatted in NTFS format? Alternatively, is there a different format utility that I can use to format the new external harddrive that will mimick the PS3 formatting utility and copy the game data from the old FAT32 USB hard drive to the new external drive?


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    severusx Guest
    Short answer: no.

    You can't mimic the PS3 file system on an external drive. There are NTFS libraries for the PS3, but they aren't fully featured and currently only support media playback, not games. Use a utility like SwissKnife to format your new HD FAT32 if you want to use it.

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    young blade Guest
    This what I did: Took out my 60gig drive... Purchased a 1tb sata drive, 1 meter sata female cable (both sides) and also used a old computer power supply..

    Placed the 1tb drive and power supply in a server case connected them and also connected the sata cable at one end to the drive and the other end to the Ps3.. Always first power on the drive and after that the ps3.

    Voila.. Now I have a 1tb Ps3.. (soon i'll make it 2 tb)

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