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    Thumbs Down [UnAnswered] External HD via USB problem

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    I have a problem then I connect an External 2.5 HD via Usb on my Hd flashes the red Led. The power supply go on and off.

    I suppose that the problem is the partition. Does it possible ?


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    it needs to be fat 32 on your hd connect to pc and format it from pc make sure its fat 32 then see if that works.

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    If your power supply goes on and off , thats has hardly to do anything with your partition
    Anyways be sure not to have something like NTFS on the drive, PS3 cannot handle such file system

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    Does your external HDD have a seperate power source?

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    look for an external power with your hdd, i think is that

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    try to used another usb cable. coz i also have a same problem few month ago and i change a new usb cable and it work....

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    i think your problem is as mentioned above the power supply. the usb port provides a limitet amount of current. if your harddisk needs more you need an external power source for the harddisk.

    -- rrzo


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