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    sandman2610 Guest

    External HD problem running PS3 games help?


    I try to find on this forum but unsuccessfully how to put my downloaded game to work through my Extarnal HD. I have Toshiba External HD 2.5", downladed NBA 2K11 and FIFA 11 couple a days ago, and try to run through my External both of games, but no chance. I am new in all of this, is there any chance that someone can help me.

    Do I need to do anything with the files that I downloaded, I transfer the HD in the FAT 32, the games are like this BLES01059 / PS3_GAME... but when I connected it to PS3 it does not recognized it ?

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    kmjansen83 Guest
    make a folder called GAMEZ on the ex HDD , but the games there so: for example d:\HDD\GAMEZ

    then put all BLESxxxxxxx or BLUSxxxxxxx or what ever in the folder, some games have a dash between BLES and numbers remove this.

    so BLES01096 and not BLES-01096.

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    sandman2610 Guest
    I do that but my Gaia Manager does not recognize that I have aynthing installed on my External HDD.

    I solve the problem , I give the name to folder BCAS-1234 and everything works fine. Thanks for the help.

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    DADDYFU91862 Guest

    External HD problem

    Just in case you haven't solved your issue... The hard drive must be formatted to FAT32 before the PS3 can recognize it.

    Also there are apps that will xfer files larger than 4gb (which is the problem that you encounter when you have a FAT32 drive.

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    Bulion Guest
    if you install multiMAN you need put games in X:/GAMES/(here). Maybe it work for Gaia manager too.

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    skitmen Guest
    guys, games does not have to be named like that: BCES00569. I just named game folders by their real names and they are working fine.
    I'm using multiman and it recognize games in GAMEZ folder.

    HEY! i have important question. If i turn on my PS3 in JB mode, CAN I REMOVE THE DONGLE from USB?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Only some games need to be in the correctly named folder so for best compatibility you should always use the Title ID as the folder name or you'll be back posting in here when a few problem title don't work.

    Yes you can remove the jb dongle after the PS3 has booted buy wouldnt it have been quicker to just try first?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by sandman2610 View Post
    I solve the problem , I give the name to folder BCAS-1234 and everything works fine. Thanks for the help.
    As you solved this, I'm now marking it answered.

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