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    External Hard Drive for PS3 questions help?

    Hi guys. I got 6 games today for PS3 and I wanted to copy them to my PS3. I copied the 2 of them and then PS3's memory got full and I couldn't copy any other games on internal drive. So I want to copy the others to an external hard drive.

    I have a 500GB hard drive that I use for my PC and I want to add those PS3 games in there. But I need that hard drive for the PC too coz I have important files inside and I don't want to delete them nor I can move them to another hard drive. So, can I have both PS3 games inside that drive plus other files that I use in my computer (videos, pictures, songs, files, etc)?

    I tried to connect that hard drive to PS3 but it can't detect it for some reason. And yes, it's fat32! Do I have to manually create some folders inside the hard drive? PS3/GAMES/...etc? Or maybe the external hard drive MUST be clear in order to work with PS3? Which would mean I can't use that drive for both my PC and PS3.

    Also, after I manage to make the hard drive work, how can I send some games that I have already copied on internal hard drive to the external? I don't see an option on multiman to transfer the games to another drive. Or I missed it somewhere?

    Thanks for your time!

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    You have to reformat with default cluster size for its capacity with FAT32 file system , ps3 is quite fussy about it so there is no easy way . Once HDD is seen by ps3 you can use option COPY in multiman it will ask if you want to copy to from internal to external usb

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    you need to place the games inside on this directory, under root of the drive:


    Pick either of them (I recommend GAMEZ since all known Backup Managers use the GAMEZ directory)

    under GAMEZ directory (or GAMES) you can place the backups there.

    Correct Example:

    GAMEZ/BLUS31020-[Lost Planet 3]

    Inside the certain specific game directory, the game files place there like the PS3_GAME and PS3_DISC.SFB (PS3_UPDATE directory is unnecessary and can be deleted safely at will)

    Also to copy games from internal to external, choose the game that you want to copy and press triangle, and choose copy, it will nag you to copy from USBxxx (xxx is replaced by numbers, depends on how many usb storage device you have in your PS3) and chose OK.

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    Ah cool! Yea it works now. Btw, does exFAT work too or it has to be FAT32? I ask because I can only have FAT32 when the disk is around 30 GB only. More GB I can't format it to fat32. So I must always make different partitions to the hard drive 30GB each and make those FAT32.

    Ah found the answer, it doesn't work! It has to be FAT32.

    But now I have another problem. The first 32GB partition is almost filled up. Only 3GB are free from it. When I'm trying to copy another game it says no free space. It doesn't copy the game to another partition. In PS3 it doesn't show the 2 different partitions of the disk. It shows the first. Both partitions are FAT32. How can I make it use the other partition for the next game(s)? And then that one is (almost) filled up too, to make it use the 3rt partition, and so on?

    Thanks for your replies!

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    You can make , up to 16TiB one partition: The boot sector uses a 32-bit field for the sector count, limiting the FAT32 volume size to 2 TiB for a sector size of 512 bytes and 16 TiB for a sector size of 4,096 bytes.

    You need special program for formatting large drives. My first post is correct

    You won't file manager supports ONLY TWO partitions and for them TO WORK you need special config file in root of HDD so multiman knows how they are configured , easier is to format HDD to fat32 with 1 partition creating proper file structure/cluster size , as mentioned above for this to work you need special software that will format your HDD in proper way system tools will not allow it to format above some capacity

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    I kinda suck with these stuff!

    Can you tell me how to do that? How to make the whole 500GB hard drive FAT32?

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    fat32formatter or any other tool that formats drives to fat32

    Just keep in mind that multiman with external hdd on games that have split files because they r larger than 4gb will try to move/reconnect them on your internal hdd so you need space on internal hdd that way or another

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    I made it fat32. Didn't test it yet but I think it will work now. Thanks a lot!

    About the games that have split files, does that mean that I can't have games that are >4GB in the external HDD? The PS3 will move them to internal anyway? I copied Tekken tag tournament 2 before (15GB) to the external HDD and it was playing just fine from there.

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    It will copy JUST the part that is split and reconnect in your internal hdd , and yes u can keep them on external but split part will be copied anyway to internal

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    what are the split parts exactly? Sorry I suck with these stuff (said again)!

    Are they the files like saved games, etc? If so they don't take much space I guess! would 10 GB free space on internal be enough for all games? If not how much more-or-less of free space do I need to have on internal?

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