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    FernanditoJr Guest

    Exclamation External 1TB HDD showing as less?

    I've read a couple of complaints of users having their external 1TB HDD showing up as less than 600 or 500GB.

    Before taking the plunge I would like to know if I'm going to lose almost half of my capacity when I format a TB HDD to FAT32.

    Anyone has insight on this topic?

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    Drakhen Guest
    i am using a 1tb drive and it shows just shy of the 1 tb mark which is common it is a Wd drive. I don't have it hooked directly to the ps3 I could never figure out how to have the ps3 see the drive so I leave it on the network and just ftp the games back and forth.

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    jimmehhh Guest
    I think the issue is simply having to have formatted it to FAT32, it's not as well structured as NTFS. That said, it certainly shouldn't lose 400+Gb.

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    cSharpShooter Guest
    try this (tokiwa.qee.jp/EN/Fat32Formatter/index.html) as previously said, it not an efficient utilization if you use FAT32 on a large drive. it is due to the file clusters size.

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    rmvpa Guest
    I have a free agent 1 tb drive that shows up as just shy of 1tb. I saw a 1.5 TB Free Agent on sale for $89 at Office Depot, gonna pick one up and let you know what it shows.

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    I have a WD External 1 TB formatted in FAT32, shows 946 GB in the PS3.

    Just perfect, formatted with HPManagementTool.exe

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    You can safely purchase that 1TB. I have a 1.5TB working just fine now for 8 months. I think their problem was when they formatted the hdd. My first attempt to format the 1.5TB resulted in the same problem. That was resolved using a good format utility - Can't remember though if it was Swissknife or Partition Logic. But there is nothing to be worried about!

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Swissknife is the way to go - I'm using multiply external large drives with my PS3s and apart of a few USB sticks not being recognized properly by PS3 regards it's size / avilable space I had no problems using those once partitioned and formated properly.

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    kamenrider Guest
    I used swissknife to format my drive and that came up close to 1tb.

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