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    Question [UnAnswered] Extended Warranty?

    I didnt buy the extended warranty at gamestop when i purchased my ps3 (i didnt have that kind of money since i already dropped half my savings on it hahahaha) anyway i have the money now to extend my warranty but dont know where to go or if i can!!!

    well does anyone know where i can go to get an extended warranty?? (like 360, i purchased the two year extension a month after i purchased the 360) or did i miss out when i didnt get it that day?

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    You have a 1 year warranty already from sony. I would assume that's enough. But I think you can only buy the warranty within a month of buying the console from gamestop. just call them and find out.

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    For me when I bought my PS3 they offered me a 69.99$ 1 year replacement garuntee. I turned it down. About 3 days later I went back and they said I had to buy it when I bought my system. HOWEVER their refund policy states you can take it back within 7 days so I just told the lady i'll return it, buy it again and get the policy. She said no problem.

    It's pretty good considering it's a 700$ investment that based on some reports is plagued with launch shipment problems.

    Thankfully i've been blessed that so far I have nothing negative to report regarding my unit.

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    Don't know for sure if you can or not. I bought a 1 year extended warrenty on my PS3 so I'm good until 11/17/2008. Lets hope if the units going to go belly up that it does it before then!

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    i think the extended warranty is dumb. when i got my 60GB ps3 at best buy, the kid at the register was like "you're not going to get the warranty??" and he was shocked. i laughed at him.

    i also didn't buy rust protection on my car. i can't believe they offer that and that people would buy it. if they sold a special johnson rod attachment to the ps3 i bet people would buy that too.

    the ps3 comes with a 1 year warranty. if your ps3 is going to fail and it's not your fault, it's probably going to fail within that year. sure, it may fail after that but i doubt it. my ps3 was the original i got in 2001 and it still runs fine.

    buying an extended warranty on your electronics is a scam. don't be dumb.

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