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Thread: Experienced with Infectus 2 help?

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    h82skate1968 Guest

    Experienced with Infectus 2 help?

    If anyone has Infectus2 and or Homebrew I could use some help. I have scoured the net and tried everything. I have set this aside for a while just waiting for new developments. I'm not a NOOB but still wet behind the ears.

    I have 2 of these. 1 is infectus2 and the other is the Homebrew edition. I did not receive any info with any of these so the info is all what I was able to collect off many, many, forums.

    I am working on my koko brick CECHB01. I have soldered one in my console. Tried everything to communicate with it and nothing the lights just dimly flickered. Checked my connections, added 3.3 & 5v externally etc.etc..

    So after about 8 months of "F"-it I have now removed it from the console plugged it in to my PC and BAM! communication but only the Bank1 light comes on. Still communicates with the pc and sets to Double NAND.

    The question is do I reconnect it to the console (with out the Bank0 light on) and try to recover my flash's or is there something wrong with my chip and a waste of my time?

    I also have the Homebrew edition but I think I'm missing the programming to make it work and I don't want to put this in until I am able to program it with Infectus programmer.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    h82skate1968 Guest
    I figured out that I hate the Infectus2 and bought a Progskeet.

    Go ahead and mark this as answered. Thanks

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