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    Studs Guest

    EU region to AUS region help?

    Hey guys. Just a quick one for ya. I recently moved to OZ from Ireland. If i update my PS3 when it arrives (very tempted to do so) Will it still connect to the EU PSN or to the AUS PSN? If there is such a thing?


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    mushy409 Guest
    I think to be honest it'll connect through the EU servers. Ping to the ozzy servers would be terrible...

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    dyceast Guest
    I'm pretty sure it will connect to the AU servers... So ping to the EU servers will be terrible

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    racer0018 Guest
    This is hard thing to say. I have a friend that lives in Japan and he is an American (U.S. Armed Forces) have to send him American things all the time. Anyway when he connects to psn it is to American servers from what he says.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Usually your console will connect to the region accordingly to the account. If your account is japanese, will connect to PSN japan and japan's services. If debug settings will be released soon for 4.0 , you will be able to check which server is used on your console, and in case, change it.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    To follow up on what Bartholomy said you won't be able to change the region on your PSN account.

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    Studs Guest
    Cheers lads. Thats cleared that up. Might keep it on 3.55 for a bit longer. I got a 360 as well. Might just get the newer releases for that instead.

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