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Thread: Error when trying Flash PSJailbreak help?

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    THCIV Guest

    psjailbreak is garbage

    I bought a psjailbreak when they were the only ones with the downgrade, well I finally got it today which isn't there fault but still sucks since I had a teensy++ from before psgroove was released. But their site is down, not responding to its upgrader program and I now have a 125 dollar psdowngrade that can't downgrade. Also yes my serial comes up in the program and yes its a real psjailbreak its thier servers that are messed up.

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    tttemppu Guest
    I have the same problem and trying to solve is exsamble 3xmax suitable for orginal psjailbreak

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    addyhartman Guest
    same i got it yesterday i didn't get any manual or somthing with it only the usb stick. there site is down and there servers are messed up.

    This is not the first time that this happends.. I think they undergo an update.

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