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Thread: Error when copying dummy (8003051e) on 3.30

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    sensi Guest

    Error when copying dummy (8003051e) on 3.30

    i have found the dummy, inserted mw2 1.10 patch and i'm trying to copy the dummy data back from ps3 to a flash drive but im getting the error 8003051e.

    i have read that this is something to do with the filesize being over 2gb but this is the size of the dummy i created..

    any help appreciated

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    Wescyd3 Guest
    What that means is that your data is corrupt and you need to do it again. I am sorry man I got that same error before and that means your Dummy is corrupt.

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    sensi Guest
    hi sorry for lack of update, i got around this now. i'm up to the point of trying to get my patch_mp.ff to open in ffviewer. Im not getting any errors when opening it, just not showing anything.

    my patch_mp.ff is 15.5mb

    i also make two other files starting with the headers IWffu100, they are smaller 129kb and 448kb

    any help mate would be appreciated, on where to start and end the blocks to create a .ff file that can be opened! tried fastfile decompressing and the IWffu100 ones work to a point, they dump 64kb, but the patch_mp gives header error on that program

    thanks in advance

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