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    razor1993 Guest

    Error after Installing an Update for a Game!

    Hello PS3 news Members!

    i have tried to install a Game Update for the Game Uncharted 2! i'm heard thats the game is Updatable and some people Succedet to update and Play the game! and now i have tried and whats happend? yes an error!!

    i installed the first update and tried to start the game but then its occur a error screen thats the game couldnt start! the same happened if i update Pes 2011! and i'm Cheked the ID of my Game and of the Update PKG thats i downloadet here :


    The IDs are the same! please guys help me i dont know what to do!

    sry for my Bad english hope you al can understand me!

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    aeollus Guest
    is this a game that was Backed up on a hard drive or a game on a disc

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    genius312 Guest
    I also had an error with a game when I transfered it with FTP (Filezilla) but with more than 1 transfer at a time!

    Try to upgrate your FTP server on the PS3 and resend the game/update !

    Or only resend your game/update with your current FTP program but with only 1 transfer at a time!

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