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Thread: Error 8002F165

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    speedbit Guest

    Exclamation Error 8002F165

    What is That??

    Every time I try to update my PS3 40GB USA, I is the message, I tried to update all modes in different places, arrived to take the battery of the motherboard of the PS3 to try and resolve anything.

    Someone knows something?

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    cyberbob Guest
    This problem has been solve by some people: Make a complet format of the hardrive.

    Be sure to save your game saves and try this. It's very long 2 hours for making a complet format of your hard drive.

    Good luck

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    speedbit Guest
    I already slow formatted ... and nothing, I tried downloading the update via the browser on ps3 to original stick with my psp.
    and nothing.

    I am Brazilian and American PS3, with no guarantee ...

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    kenshin33 Guest
    apparently that code means that the downloaded firmware file is corrupted... try to download it on a you pc and verify the md5 checksum

    ex the link for firmware 2.5 on sony's website is

    notice this number in the URL for the update -> 823ab63c96d570510b254a80755df446 <-
    and here's what I got with md5sum (on linux, for windows I look for somthing similar to the md5sum program):

    [email protected] ~ % md5sum PS3UPDAT.PUP
    823ab63c96d570510b254a80755df446 PS3UPDAT.PUP

    see? It matchs perfectly. unless you have this the update won't work and you'll have the error. (Note: it's a one way relation though, if the md5 match but still getting the error means probabaly something wrong with the consol it self, on PC's it is usually caused by deffective memory modules (big problem you need to chnage the RAM) or filesystem corruption.. just format).

    so try to download it elsewhere (work, school, friend ...) on a usb stick and try again (verify the md5 checksum).

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    speedbit Guest
    caused by defective memory modules, on PS3?

    I've downloaded from 3 different places, by more than 3 usb sticks different reformatted in fat, fat32 ...
    Even error. and checked the md5 checksum:


    823ab63c96d570510b254a80755df446 is the md5 checksum...

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    freefrank Guest
    same error.. hope someone can help us.

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    speedbit Guest
    2.52 and error.

    Plz Help me.

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