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Thread: Error 80029564 installing NBA live 09 Demo

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    dwashere Guest

    Error 80029564 installing NBA live 09 Demo

    Has anyone who have a suggestion or tips on how to overcome this annoying error? I don't know what error is this but I get it when trying to install NBA Live Demo. I thought the file is corrupted so i re download again, but the error remains the same. Please if anyone know. Thanks

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    cyberbob Guest


    We have to this with a friend who had the same problem and it work:

    There is a problem with performing downloads in the background. After deleting the demos that were giving us trouble We went back to the Playstation Store and downloaded the demos, but didn’t click “Perform in Backgound” and they downloaded and installed just fine.

    Leave the router settings alone (assuming you’re able to get online already, of course) and download WITHOUT doing it in the background and just wait for it.

    If you still have the same problem, then try changing your router settings and see if that help, just write down what your original settings were in case you need to go back to them.

    Hope it help you. Give us news.

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    dwashere Guest
    thanks my friend. will try. but not performing at background means i can't do anything man. my ISP isn't that good. 700+ mb download would take a day in PS3. unless on my PC it would only take few hours. LOL. need to try thou. thanks!

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    dimx2 Guest
    is it in the same region that your ps3 is?

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