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    barrybarryk Guest
    grabbing it now i'll post back in a bit after i've had a play with it.

    edit: which payload are you using? the release works fine for me on 3.41 with multiman and 3.50 spoof payload with no editing or tweaks running off my external with a disc in the drive.

    if your payload is upto date i can only suggest trying it with multiman i'm afraid.

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    Sostanco Guest
    Try to change your game dir without - line exmpale: BLUS-98642 in BLUS98642

    i have the same problem with The force Unleashed II just change that thing and all it's ok

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    beardwed Guest
    i have this problem too, but i can't even get the games to show on the ps3 through back up manger?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    How on earth is that the same problem

    Start a new thread on it and you'll get help.

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    yod Guest
    Actually, I had a different folder name and for some reason, it wasn't recognizing it. I renamed the game folder to BLES-00798 and now it works!

    Thanks everyone for your efforts, it is very much appreciated!

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