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Thread: Emulator Front End?

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    barrybarryk Guest

    Emulator Front End?

    I was just wondering if a front end (in the conventional sense) for various emulators is a possibility?

    Although one program could be compiled with various emulators all combined together I wondered if we have the ability to interact with other installed applications from within an application.

    The reason I ask is I was thinking of trying to port wah!cade to the PS3 and hopefully add in some features but it kind of hangs on the ability to launch external programs with specific arguements or through particular methods.

    I have a fair amount of programming experience just not with the PS3 (I'm setting up the dev environment atm) and if possible I'm hoping the program may evolve into a one stop shop game library complete with scapers but thats a long way down the road.

    I know this maybe in the wrong section I just wasn't sure where to post it

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, it would in theory be possible to make a frontend, even if you have a very basic frontend - think a series of emulators, your frontend could have a game list, and the emulator to run, and you can then launch that specific emulator, possibly passing arguments to it to launch the specific game.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Thanks CJPC I just wasn't sure if we could pass aurguements between apps, there's not a lot of documentation floating around lol.

    Yeah it would be a basic frontend just really to add some consistency to where roms are stored and things with a few pngs for backgrounds and dialogs nothing fancy just hopefully something scalable and skinable too because the emu's at the minute although massively functional for the time they took to create really are very ugly and the command prompt style file browser just doesn't really do them justice.

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