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Thread: the emulation of ps2 & psone in a basic ps3?

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    dondolo Guest
    if u try to install any linux distibution, u can see u will be not able to any of the "graphic effects" {like compiz on ubuntu} cause hypervisor seems to able to understand you're running another os, so it lock the Graphic card!

    wine is not the only one, cedega emulates pc games too

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    despa Guest
    Please keep in mind this opengl renderer for the cell processor is a *software* renderer, not a *hardware* renderer. In other words, all of the rendering will be done by the processor, which is NOT specifically designed for graphics computation like a GPU is.

    With this software renderer, things like the xgl/compiz effects might work okay. Maybe even an opengl accelerated SNES emulator. But until access is granted to the RSX, there is no hope in a playable PS2 or Dreamcast emulator. Even then, it is unlikely.

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