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Thread: Email address already in use a Sign-In ID on PSN?

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    DREADS613 Guest

    Email address already in use a Sign-In ID on PSN?

    This seems odd to me. Somehow my email address was used to create a PSN ID and I did not do it.

    I just purchased a PS3 from Amazon and when trying to setup an account with PSN I was informed that my email address had indeed already been used.

    I have had this email address since 1998. And I had not created a PSN ID before.

    I called customer service and they sort of gave me a run around saying that they could not release my email address back to me because of security reasons???

    Has anyone else ran into this problem? I find it very odd that a PSN ID can be created by just inputting any email address regardless of whether it is yours or not. The customer service rep informed me that when you create a PSN ID you are NOT required to activate the account by clicking a link sent to that email.

    For all of Sony's innovation, this loophole is unnecessary & just plain lazy on their part.

    If anyone has had this problem, was it resolved or did you get the same run around as me?


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    Osirisx Guest
    i have had the same problem as you before when setting up a PSN account for some one else, their email address had been used so we contacted sony and they refused to help.

    its just LAZYNESS on sonys half. they should require account activation sent to the email address tobe used with the psn account.

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