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Thread: Editing retail pkgs help?

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    elser1 Guest

    Editing retail pkgs help?

    hi there, i'm wondering if someone can help to give a tutorial on how to do this.. with the updates for games on 3.55 i'd like to mod them for 3.41 and upload for others so they don't have to wait for some to maybe get around to it.. is it as simple as getting eboot from 3.55 cfw after update then ebootfix on pc to 3.41?

    does anybody actually know how the fix for brink and la noire were made from the 3.55 updates for 3.41? thanks if anyone can help..

    oh and i already have every 3.60 game that's out that i want for my retail ps3 so it doesnt really matter, i just want to know how to do it.. LOL if it helps i have at my disposal:

    a jb 3.41 slim dongle
    a 3.61 ofw retail fat 500gig -40gig
    a 3.55 ofw fat 60 gig

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    The Eboot.bin file in a retail PKG is a NPDRM Eboot, Not many people know how to fix NPDRM Eboots to work on lower FWs hence we (3.41 users) have to wait a week or so for a 3.50 Retail Patch to be made compatible on 3.41 consoles.

    You also got a lot of PS3s

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    elser1 Guest
    LOL got 2 more 60 gig bc models also.. thanks for your input my friend.. but how do you get into the pkg? i've tried some programs but they only for debug pkg.. i'd love to know this. surely someone here knows.. care to share.. zhuge productions and mote can do it.. any one else have some skill and knowledge to share..

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    denunes Guest
    hey elser1, its a pkg decryptor that you want? use this: PSP PS3 PKG Decrypter Extractor v.

    i use this to see the files in the pkg's, but it's unable to decrypt debug ones. about the eboot.bin file i cant extract the *.elf in it. is anything out there that does it?

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    elser1 Guest
    are you sure you can do retail pkgs with this.. i think you have it the wrong way around.. it can do debug but not retail.. the retail pkgs are what i'd like to be able to open and see whats able to be modded etc.. ANYONE? people obviously can do this..

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    denunes Guest
    yes i'm sure. it can open retail, but not debug. at least the debug ones that i have... this does not make a pkg, just open to a folder. if you don't want to use this software in the pc, just install it on ps3 and ftp to pc the installed folder. then ftp back to ps3 with the files you need modded.

    i want to remove the npdrm from eboot. do you know how?

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    elser1 Guest
    you need the npdrm keys.. has anyone got the heart to release these keys.. poi

    duke nukem forever is now working on 3.41, duplex released the 3.41 pkg.. wish they would release these keys and/or the knowledge of how to do this

    kool man i just had a look in the duke 3.55 pkg it works but yes we need the npdrm fix..

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