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Thread: Edit Tekken Tag Tournament Two save file help?

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    Okashu Guest

    Edit Tekken Tag Tournament Two save file help?

    I installed cracked DLC pack for this game, but unfortunatelly it also unlocked all ending movies in Tekken Gallery. Most fun in tekken for me was unlocking each character's ending and the sense of discovery, which is gone when they are all just here. Is there a way to edit my save file so that they remain locked? I tried using Bruteforce save data but i am too dumb to use it without instructions, all files are just hex nonsense even after decrypted. Any help in locking endings?

    Here is how the save file looks like:

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    Liongooder Guest
    Same thing happened with me, there is nothing you can do except backing up your save game & start a new game, got all the endings except Tiger Jackson, he has no ending.

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    Okashu Guest
    I tried to unself the patch file with cygwin, but it gives me "invalid type: 0000008", am I using an old version of keys or is tekken tag tournament 2 ununselfable?

    Okay now I'm at editing the elf file, this is harder than I thought.

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